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As pioneers für lacquers and corrosion protection Dr. Carl Dörken and Ewald Dörken established their own company more than 120 years ago. Since then Dörken MKS has developed consequently to one of the leading corrosion experts worldwide. This great tradition is also our aspiration for the future.


Dr. Carl Dörken and Ewald Dörken establish Ewald Dörken OHG for the production of paints as well as paint and rust protection coatings.


Dr. Carl Dörken develops a process for rendering wood oil. The result is a wood oil-based coating which, under the Eburit brand name, goes on to become a leading painting material for the next seven decades.


Dörken begins the manufacture and sale of a micro-layer corrosion protection system. Under the name DELTA-MKS® this high-performing yet heavy metal-free surface protection rapidly acquires a key market position.

It all began with springs, spring band clamps and stamped and bent components that were coated with DELTA®-TONE as base coat and DELTA®-SEAL as top coat. The system received its first approval for the automotive industry, in the form of VW, in 1983. Today, the DELTA-MKS® systems are certified, proven and available worldwide, a firmly-established presence in the automotive sector.


Parallel to the 100-year jubilee of Ewald Dörken AG Ute Herminghaus and Karl E. Dörken join the board as the fourth generation.


With the introduction of the DELTA-PROTEKT ® series Dörken MKS-Systeme begins its triumphal march throughout the world.


The formation of a holding company leads to the creation of Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG as one of four operational business units of Dörken AG. First Managing Director is Hans Belz.

The conclusive breakthrough for the DELTA-PROTEKT ® series came with the entry into effect of the EU Directive 2000/ 53/ EC ("end of life vehicles“) in 2007. Since then coatings containing chromium(VI) are forbidden in the passenger car segment and Dörken MKS-Systeme has been able to exploit the benefits of its chromium(VI)-free systems. The success of the systems and their high degree of acceptance in the automobile industry has had a decisive effect on the development of the company. Today the firm is a global player – and still develops and produces its products at the Herdecke site. In order to provide technical advice and support for its customers worldwide, in 2000 the company began the establishment of a system of local subsidiaries, with the technical network also being consistently extended. In addition to the large technology centre in Herdecke there are also tech centres in the USA, Brazil, South Korea and China.


Dörken MKS augments its product portfolio, with zinc flake systems joined by the DELTA-PROZINC ® galvanic series.

With the takeover of LP-Oberflächentechnik GmbH of Schalksmühle in September 2010 the area of expertise in this field has been further extended to cover the field of "green" electroplating. This will see solutions for the entire process offered in future, from pre-treatment to galvanisation and passivation procedures and on to sealing. The ecologically-aligned electroplating systems of the LPO series are being developed further, with a focus on high-quality, functional corrosion protection. 2011 sees the opening of the first tech centre for electroplating.


The further development of galvanic systems is completed. DELTA-PROZINC ® is officially launched in the scope of the Dörken Days 2013. The new system is distinguished not only by its purely galvanic product combinations, but also offers a holistic approach from individual plant engineering to technical support and on to documentation aids and analysis tools as well as the proven licensing system.
Another new addition to the portfolio is the innovative DELTA-eLACK ® system. This is a combination system comprising a cathodic protection base – such as a zinc flake base coat from the DELTA-MKS ® series – and the KTL top coat DELTA-eLACK ® 800. With adapted plant technology it is even possible to coat medium-sized stamped and bent components as bulk products in the drum. The result: optically highly-appealing black parts with superb corrosion protection.