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KTL 2.0 from Dörken MKS

With the cathodic dip coating system DELTA-eLACK® Dörken MKS combines the best of two worlds: cathodic protecting basecoats such as a zinc or zinc flake coating with an optically-attractive black organic topcoat – applied in a drum unit.

KTL-coated seat rail used in automotive engineering


KTL – the principle

Cathodic dip coatings (KTL or ecoat) are the most frequently used surface protection systems in motor vehicle construction. They are an essential element of surfaces such as vehicle bodywork. Nevertheless, this technology has its weaknesses: it does not offer cathodic corrosion protection, nor can it be applied to bulk products.


Higher corrosion protection due to DELTA-eLACK®

DELTA eLACK® 800 is an organic topcoat, which is suitable for various metal substrates. Depending on corrosion protection requirements and performance level a corresponding substrate should be chosen. For a low performance, we recommend a combination with a classic zinc phosphate. For high corrosion protection requirements (> 1000h SST according to DIN EN ISO 9227) a zinc electroplating of the DELTA-PROZINC® series or alternatively a zinc flake coating of the DELTA-PROTEKT® series is recommended. Particularly suitable herein are the products DELTA-PROTEKT®  KL120 or DELTA-PROTEKT® KL130. In conjunction with an efficient base coat and top coat DELTA eLACK® 800 a high corrosion resistance can be achieved, even when the surface is damaged.

Application in drum units – for maximum efficiency

A further advantage of KTL 2.0 is the special plant utilised. A drum unit enables the coating of small to medium-sized stamped and bent parts in the bulk products procedure. This saves you both time and money.

The characteristics of our KTL 2.0 DELTA-eLACK ® at a glance:

  • High (cathodic) corrosion protection through combination of our products
  • Coating in the drum as bulk products
  • Thin, even coats
  • Adjustable coefficients of friction for threaded parts.
  • Superb deep black appearance
  • Environmentally-friendly and resource-saving
  • High chemical resistance
  • Threaded parts without reworking / recutting
  • Recoatability
  • High resistance to white rust
  • No recess filling